30 Day Double Edged Fat Loss Protocol Review



The 30 Day Weight Loss Program That Will Make You Attain a Healthy Body

Dr. Kareem is an experienced weight loss trainer who has spent decades studying about the science of fat gain and fat loss in human beings. His advices or programs regarding weight loss are based on real-life examples and experiments which is why every single weight loss program of his is very helpful on people who want to get their thinness and premium body strength back. This 30-day program is equipped with the necessary skills, advices, and directions to make you attain a cubed body with a large volume of lean muscle on your body. Make sure that you follow every step for you to get enhanced results.


Facts about Losing Fat and Lean Muscle Growth

In as much as we put all the blame into diet, we should also understand that ageing also brings about fat gain and diminished muscle strength. Every decade, the lean muscle strength reduces by 10 to 15 percent. When you are ageing, your fat burning metabolic activities reduce in efficiency thereby making you to accumulate fats at a quicker rate. You can avoid the high-calorie diet, the junky foods and the fatty foods, but you cannot avoid ageing. This is why you need the 30-day weight loss program so that you cut off extra pounds without saying Goodbye to your favourite meals.


Contents of the Program

It contains simple and strategised exercises that are not strenuous, but they yield a high-fat burning effect on your body. The program also contain the perfect foods that you should take and the kind of diet that you should have to accelerate your fat burning processes. Besides the physical exercises and diet planning, it also has physiological teachings that will make your brain to control all the fat burning processes and hormones so that you attain a perfect body shape.


My Own Fat Burning Journey Using This Program

I must admit that I was really fat to an extent that I looked older than my father. I came across this program on the internet and Ordered. Having been into various fitness camps where I used to do a lot of extraneous exercises, I thought the fitness exercises on this book were a joke because they were so simple. I swallowed my pride and followed it. To my surprise, I lost 20 pounds within the first month, and all my abdominal fat was nowhere to be seen. As I was following the program, I was still consuming high-calorie diet, high fat diet and many other kind of junky foods but I still didn’t become overweight.

This is an ultimate guide that can make you lose excess fat and attain your thin body back. You don’t have to stop eating the high calorie diet, you don’t have to stop eating your ice-creams, and other junky foods you like, just sticky to the program and you will never have any fat accumulation.

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