The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet Review

Lose Weight and Improve Your Health

Are you interested to lose weight and have a healthy body? If yes, you have probably searched for a lot of diets floating around online today. There are numerous diets that are said to be effective while some are a bit too good to be true. Fortunately, I found The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet, which is basically an eating diet plan that will boost your health and help you lose weight.

What is The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet?

This ebook was basically written by a self-proclaimed health enthusiast named Emma DeAngela. It is downloadable and it is her own presentation of facts about The Alkaline Diet, which was a diet famous by the works of Robert O. Young and Christopher Vasey. These authors along with some others have done a thorough research into the body’s pH balance and how the health conditions are linked to this significant balance.

What I Like about The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet?

  • The diet is free from any processed foods.
  • The diet is high in fiber, which makes it excellent for your digestive health.
  • The diet calls for the foods that you can purchase at any supermarket or grocery store.
  • It doesn’t call for any additional purchases.
  • It gets rid of most food allergy triggers including nuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish.
  • Mostly gluten-free because it’s a wheat-free diet.
  • Revolves around natural foods.
  • Perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

What I Don’t Like about The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet?

  • It’s fairly low-protein and low-fat.
  • Some special foods might be required to ensure a healthy balance between fat, protein, and carbohydrates intake.
  • There’s still exposure to gluten and some food allergy triggers.

How The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet Changed My Life?

There are tons of programs that will only provide you basic information without getting into the details into the reasons why you must eat that, do that workout or cut it from your diet. On contrary, The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet gets into details of why it’s healthy. It breaks down every claim made and explains in a manner that it’s easy to understand. It is also a complete book that features everything you should know.

At first, I’ve had a hard time reading the ebook because of long content. But, I like its layout and made me so comfortable to read. The colors used are lively and the best thing about it is that it broke down some complicated topics into a systematic way with clear explanation.

The Bottom Line

This Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet is very helpful for me. It is easy to read and the meal plans included are effective. If you are like me who is trying to lose weight and want to live with a healthy lifestyle, I recommend you to try this ebook. It features useful information about alkaline diet and will give you a glimpse of various meal plans you can try.

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