Belly Dancing Course by Mariella Monroe Review

A Complete Analysis of the Belly Dancing Course of Mariella Monroe

Belly Dancing Course with Mariella Monroe Review

Belly Dancing Course with Mariella Monroe Review

The Belly Dancing Course that is designed by Mariella Monroe is a comprehensive and intensive belly dancing program. Monroe, an expert dance trainer, and a certified belly dancer has outlined a course that will help those people who want to learn belly dancing as painless as possible. Personally, I would recommend this product for people who are just starting with their belly dancing class and for the advanced dancer trainer who are looking for an easier way to teach their class. As a proud user of this product, I was able to learn the discipline of belly dancing in a short amount of time.

The Pros and Cons of the Belly Dancing Course

This is probably the most effective way to learn the dance. This e-guide that is consists of 50 videos that have an estimated running time of 8 hours has given me with a solid foundation that allowed me to understand the more advanced part of belly dancing. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that I learned from this belly dancing program.


  • Easy to Use- in case you are a reluctant dancer (like me) this belly dancing course will allow you to learn the basic of the sports at the comfort of your own home. Compared to the traditional form of teaching, this guide will appear like a one-on-one coaching. In addition, you will also get coaching from three renowned dancer trainers.
  • Learn the Different Style of Belly Dancing-The Belly Dancing Course of Mariella Monroe is intended to teach us about the different types of belly dancing. No other belly dancing program has provided me with an interactive and comprehensive method of teaching. It is the fastest and easiest way to elevate your dancing skills.
  • Organised Coaching-It is also designed to guide you from the fundamentals of the belly dancing program to the advanced combinations during the first hours of your class. Within just a few hours, I can already move my belly and match it with the rhythm of the song.
  • Great Workout Method- based on my personal experience, it is a fun way to keep in shape. As I move the different parts of my body, I can feel the tension in my muscle especially on my abdomen. It also improved my posture a lot which eliminated the constant back pain that I used to experience.


  • You will need to be highly motivated to complete the program. Since you are doing this in your own terms and pace, there is a tendency that you may want to skip your program. I advised you to ask your friends or your families to join you in dancing.

The Belly Dancing Course is the best way to learn the art of belly dancing easily and without the excessive fee. You simply have to pay for the entire cost for a nominal cost, and you can enjoy learning the dance. They also have a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the result.

Belly Dancing Course Review

Belly Dancing Course Review

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