The Forward Head Posture Fix Review

Forward Head Posture Fix

Forward Head Posture Fix

The Forward Head Posture Fix That Will Enhance Your Wellbeing and Work Performance

Your head posture might appear to have no impact on your work performance and wellbeing, but it has a very huge impact. When your head posture protrudes forward such that you bend your back, you will have increased body weight on your abdominal bones. You will also have a short height appearance because the forward head posture will reduce your height by one or two inches. The forward head posture fix is a program that is meant to help you adapt the new head postures and sitting positions that will make you stay healthy and perform excellently at work.


The Pathophysiology of Forward Head Posture

Before knowing the effects of the forward head posture, first, you have to understand how it yields those effects. Forward head posture compresses your neck structures, it makes your blood vessels that supply blood to the brain to get compressed, and this makes blood flow to the brain reduced. When you bend, your backbone components compress each other, and you might start experiencing pain. The situations in which people can have a forward head posture include texting on your mobile phone while standing, working a desk that is below you thigh level when sitting or looking down on your feet while standing.


The Impact of the Forward Head Posture

When you sit in a position that impairs blood flow to the brain, you will get tired mentally. You will therefore not work efficiently, and sometimes you can feel so bored such that staying in the office becomes a problem. Aching of the back and neck muscles will be common when you stay in forward head position because of the excessive straining of the muscles and vertebrae. People might have lack of confidence and reduced thinking capacity when they make it a habit to stay in this position for long hours every day.


How the Forward Head Posture Fix Is Important

It has muscle reduction drill exercises that are meant to make your muscles go back to normal and make you attain that healthy head posture that you want. The program has breathing exercises that will make you to stand and sit straight without bending forward. There are a lot of exercises and self-body massage therapies described to make you attain that good posture you should have for a healthy living. Learn all the static stretching exercises that you need to know for you to develop a perfect head posture that is healthy for you.

I experienced the results after two weeks of using this program, but it might take a shorter time on your side because I had scoliosis as well. I feel good now that my head posture is back to normal and I can work all day without feeling tired or bored. The only disadvantage of this book is that it does not state the duration that people should exercise to obtain satisfactory results. You will, therefore, need to be keen enough to identify your improvements and adjust your exercises for better outcomes.


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