Specforce Abs Review

Specforce Abs Review

Specforce Abs Review

Six Pack in Six Weeks

Even thought I had gone under intense training routines for a period of more than a year, I had struggles of revealing my six pack abs. As a man, this is the area of our bodies where we store the fattest, however, I came to the conclusion that I am not doing something right.  After a sufficiently conducted research, I found this handbook to uncovering my six packs in six weeks.  The routines are designed as for men as well as for women to help you reach those long desired results.

The Misinformation Regarding Standard Abs Training

Research has now actually proven that traditional routines with crunches and sit-ups are not only a good way to cause yourself pain through injury but also don’t help you lose any fat either. Yes, that might sound crazy, however, my experience and that of many other people has also shown the same result. Even though I had a perfect physique in every other area of my body I still had to struggle and hide my belly, had troubles finding the proper sized pants because of it and it seemed like this will last for the rest of my life.

Specforce Abs Review

Specforce Abs Review

The Abs Training Factors

I decided to give it a last shot and see if a new routine program will benefit me. This is when I found the six weeks to six pack program, and I have never looked back since. The routines there showed me a way to train my belly effectively without the risk of injuries and pain. It denied any inflammation which could stop the fat burning. It also prevented me from doing dangerous mistakes in my abs routines, which could lead to faster aging, back pain and even spine disc damage in most severe cases.

Not only that but this routine works three times faster than any other. The training routines are based on five factors, which the author was taught during his time spent in the Special Forces of Canada. While he used them to gain the slightest of edges which could be the difference in a dangerous environment, they work just as well for the average person who just wants to have a hot looking six pack.

I stopped using programs which focus on concentric contractions. For those of you who don’t know what that is – it is a program aimed to make the muscle shorter through shorter contractions in the exercises. Scientific research has proven this to be the best way to injure yourself and cause backfiring effects.

This six weeks’ program will not only gift you with tremendous six pack which every woman will look at the beach but also save you a good amount of time compared to previous training routines you used to do.  It will also you bring back the enjoyment and fun in exercising replacing the boring routines with something more challenging and interesting, while it destroys the common misconceptions on the topic in the process.




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