That’s Not How Men Work Review

An Overview of That’s Not How Men Work

That’s Not How Men Work Review

That’s Not How Men Work Review

Most women like me still find the dating game as an overwhelming process. It is just too difficult for us to remain in control and hold the attention of our dating partner. With the help of That’s Not How Men Work, I was able to learn some simple tips that has allowed me to positively change my dating life and relationship. This program designed by Marni Kinrys helped me understand how the mind of men works that made me more irresistible to the opposite sex.


Pros and Cons of That’s Not How Men Work

This program is basically a guide that deals with the psychological side of men. It will help you understand how their minds work. It can unravel some secrets that they need you to understand (but they don’t want to tell you). This guide will help you stand out from the rest of girls in the crowd and encourage your target to ask you out on a date. It will teach you on how to penetrate deeply into his heart by utilising the right words.

Prior to this, I was always in the friend zone. I understand that by being too accommodating and nice with the guys, they will treat you more as their friend rather than a potential romantic partner. Wearing attractive and sexy clothes will not help you in creating emotional attachment. This relationship guide will teach you essential ways on how you will be noticed. It will help you understand how to remain true to yourself while attracting your prospected dating partner.



  • The relationship guide is written by an experienced and skilled author. Marni Kinrys has been providing courses and books that are dedicated to help men attract the women that they desire. With a profound experience in this field, she was able to understand the psychological aspects of men that helped her create a guide intended for women.


  • With the That’s Not How Men Work guide, I was able to comprehend how men are being attracted on the particular qualities of women. It helped me dispel the wrong beliefs that I have regarding men. I can now respond properly in a manner that will pique their interest.


  • It is filled with new and refreshing tips that you will not found in other self-help book and websites. It is written using the voice of the author.


  • Reasonable Price- With essential information that the guide provide, I initially think that it will be costly. I was actually surprised that it only cost $50.



  • It is only available on digital format. There are no ways on how you can order for a physical format.

All in all, the relationship guide ‘That’s Not How Men Work’ provides a mind-opening and refreshing tips that the traditional dating gurus will not provide. This is designed to help various women in dealing with different relationship issues particularly if you want to understand how their mind works. Considering that it comes with a money-back guarantee period, I highly encourage you to try the product.

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